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SOWaaS becomes WorkSavvy...

We are excited to announce that following a lengthy process of feedback and market research we have decided to rebrand SOWaaS into WorkSavvy.

When we created SOWaaS our ambition was to build and provide technology that simplified how people and businesses could work and deliver outcome-based and project-oriented services, a lot of which was delivered legally through Statement of Works or SOW's - hence the name SOWaaS.

Our ambition and goals are still the same today - provide technology to empower and simplify how organizations, 3rd parties, and independent workers connect and succeed together, we listened to our clients and the market, recognizing that some may not use SOW's and will use simpler means of contracting albeit with the same purpose - to define and deliver great outcomes.

Further, we recognized a huge increase in more flexible, remote, independent, and agile working practices. Embracing this future way of working we felt our brand needed to evolve too - as such WorkSavvy was born...

Over the coming months all existing technology, collateral, and marketing will shift to our new WorkSavvy presence.

SOWaaS users will automatically transition to WorkSavvy (with many improved features) at no additional cost.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact either your account manager or our marketing department for more information.

Best regards,

Stuart Juggins


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