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Helping convey real Talent excellence...

Without great talent, every work assignment or project will struggle to succeed! WorkSavvy champions helping Talent providers deliver increased levels of excellence with the resources they provide...


By utilizing WorkSavvy as a talent deployment platform, the contractors & interims you supply will be better equipped to demonstrate to your Customers much greater value and excellence in how they are performing on their work assignments!

The benefits of WorkSavvy include the ability to easily deploy at-scale contractors against SOWs, providing your customer AND your contractors a simple system to agree, track, report, and sign off all work activities including cost and time with better adherence to IR35 compliance.

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Are you Providing Contractors to complete Work & Projects?
Here's why you should care... Increased Value!

As a business focussed on the sourcing and provision of talent aka Contractors, you're best placed to help Customers scale the delivery of their work and projects...

There is far more you can be doing, however. Beyond providing the much needed talent, you could help Customers actually improve their chances of success by deploying resources armed with a toolset to quickly and easily convey progress and performance - at any scale!

More and more organizations are looking to hire skilled resources (contractors) who can deliver against 'outcomes' - the difficulty comes in assessing and measuring the overall success along with tracking towards the end goals & tasks for sign-off & payment. As a talent agency, being able to provide an increased level of confidence and excellence to customers and contractors alike will dramatically increase the value of services you are providing...

Did YOU know...

  • Deploying contractors via SOWs is increasing dramatically (approx. worth $0.5tn) and supports the shift towards remote working and 'outcome' based engagements
  • Current ATS, CRM & VMS tools are not designed or equipped to provide Agencies with any way to deploy and manage contractors without significant human overheads and processes
  • By not having good controls and reporting in place often leads to a 41% overrun in work when engaging in this way
  • Legislations like UK's IR35 and US's proposed FRSA(2023) are trying to challenge true independent contracting - operating through a robust system like WorkSavvy upholds true outcome based working practices

Is your Talent Agency best equipped to provide Customers increased value? Quickly Assess...

As the future of work unravels, Agencies need to evolve to provide Customers with more innovative and performance-based engagements when utilizing Contractors. This goes a long way to supporting the developing Gig Economy and strengthening your position of value...

Providing a powerful system to operate with when working towards outcomes helps ensure all parties work in the right ways. The following questions will aid in assessing your current capabilities to align & track Customers and Contractors against common goals:

Don't worry if you're unable to answer all of these questions as many Talent Agencies are equally challenged in these areas, it is an emerging set of needs from Customers. Being able to help demonstrate more visibility and progress of work & tasks being performed by the Contractors you deploy will help set you apart!

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Providing a clearer way to work.

We want to help businesses get more clarity and transparency across any distributed or outsourced work & tasks...

WorkSavvy is built to provide a central, simple system where documenting, sharing, and measuring the performance of tasks and work can be done easily and effectively.

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