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Platform Specification.


WorkSavvy is a cloud native platform, designed, built and run fully in Microsoft Azure and as such benefits from the underlying technology, infrastructure and systems MS Azure affords users.

The platform is developed using ASP.NET Core for the ‘back end’ code we utilise React JS for all ‘front end’ code which affords us with speed and flexibility of development across both traditional web and mobile app development.

We host our systems fully within MS Azure Cloud and in-turn benefit from the uptime, failover and DR coverage available through an Enterprise class, industry leading Cloud provider, all of which is passed through to our customers.


Our system SLA (or availability) is derived from the ‘uptime’ which is derived from the availability WorkSavvy inherits from the underlying MS Azure architecture along with any scheduled or unscheduled ‘downtime’ WorkSavvy encounters. The combination of which equates to the platform operating a >99.95% availability level.

In order to ensure the performance capabilities and add further improvements to WorkSavvy scheduled system maintenance or ‘downtime’ will sometimes need to be undertaken, these activities will, however, only ever be conducted during non-core hours of operation, namely 22:00-04:00 GMT and we will provide at least 48 hours’ notice of any scheduled maintenance.

Definition of ‘Downtime’

Downtime is the overall number of minutes WorkSavvy was unavailable during a WorkSavvy 3-monthly quarter (i.e., 1 January to 31 March and every three-month period thereafter). WorkSavvy monitors unavailability using server monitoring software to measure the server-side connection rate via network response times through PING and TCP port tests.

Downtime does not include the following:
  • Slowness or other performance issues with individual features (file uploads, etc.)

  • Issues that are related to external apps or third parties

  • Any products or features identified as pilot, alpha, beta or similar

  • External network or equipment problems outside of our reasonable control, such as poor routing between your internet service provider (ISP) and our server

  • Scheduled downtime for maintenance


In the rare instance where WorkSavvy encounters a failure or non-scheduled ‘downtime’ this will be handled with the utmost focus and integrity to remedy the problem rapidly. In the unfortunate event an outage impacts the level of service being provided to our customers beyond the 99.95% availability (during a 3-monthly period and excluding any scheduled maintenance), WorkSavvy will return to our customers a ‘service-credit’ equalling double the value of any service being purchased for the period of that outage. All requests relating to service, support, problems with usages, or questions regarding any WorkSavvy technical specifications should be directed to in the first instance where a member of the customer excellence team will be happy to help.

Providing a clearer way to work.

We want to help businesses get more clarity and transparency across any distributed or outsourced work & tasks...

WorkSavvy is built to provide a central, simple system where documenting, sharing, and measuring the performance of tasks and work can be done easily and effectively.

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