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Helping deliver real Consulting success...

WorkSavvy was developed with Consultancies firmly in mind, built to aid them in being able to more easily manage and demonstrate real progress and success across their customer engagements...

By utilizing WorkSavvy, Consultancies are better equipped to manage and track resources and their activities at scale across any engagement, whilst also being able to more clearly articulate and present overall progress upwards to their customers for clear value recognition!

The benefits of WorkSavvy include greater accountability, improved utilization and clearer awareness of work and tasks being completed, meaning unnecesary and avoidable costs and overheads can be reduced - equating to a better ROI and increased customer value.


Are you providing Consulting expertise to complete Customer work?
Here's why you should care... Ensuring Performance!

As a Consulting provider, you know only too well the importance of being able to track and demonstrate real progression and performance of assignments...

The difficulty lies in being able to capture and manage all stakeholders, internally and externally in a simple, consistent way. Ensuring that progress is being achieved, budgets are being adhered and issues are not arising that could derail work can all be very labor-intensive and cost-restrictive.

A key component in demonstrating real benefits when Consulting is providing transparency and visibility to customers, providing a simple way for them to quickly assess progress, understand performance, and recognize the value being delivered...

Did YOU know...

  • 20% of all Projects fail and using poor management & control processes can often mean a 41% Overrun on tasks & projects for the ones that do succeed
  • If you are utilzing contractors/freelancers for your assignments, there is an increased need to distribute accountability for increased compliance and risk control
  • Traditional Customer tools (like Vendor Management Systems) are ill equipped to provide any valuable tracking/reporting of how Consulting work is performing
  • In most companies, if engaged through SOWs for your assignment, spend and activity goes largely unmeasured which means a Consultancies real value and impact is being lost

Is your Consulting business best equipped to demonstrate Performance, transparently? Quickly Assess...

As the future of work develops further, Consultancies will need to evolve to play a more inclusive and demonstrable part in how they communicate clear progress and performance of work and outcomes, especially when utilizing contractors, freelancers or gig workers...

A more inclusive and visible approach is proven to benefit all parties, internally and externally. The following questions will aid in assessing if your current tools and processes are helping your business convey real value whilst maintaining control for total, visible Customer performance and success:

Don't worry if you're unable to answer all of these questions as many Consultancy businesses are also challenged in these areas and are unable to demonstrate total end-to-end performance of work and projects and in-turn convey real ROI for their services.

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Providing a clearer way to work.

We want to help businesses get more clarity and transparency across any distributed or outsourced work & tasks...

WorkSavvy is built to provide a central, simple system where documenting, sharing, and measuring the performance of tasks and work can be done easily and effectively.

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