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Improving Agencies Social Work project delivery to Local Authorities...

WorkSavvy is actively in use across Local Authorities and is being utilized by agencies to increase the value and project performance of Social Work Contractors...

The benefits of WorkSavvy to agencies and local authorities include improved resource accountability and utilization with a clearer awareness of work and tasks being completed.


WorkSavvy helps the resource more quickly and easily report their progress and in turn, helps agencies increase client confidence and performance of Social Work assessments and activities being completed on-time and on-budget.

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Are you an Agency undertaking the delivery of local authority social work assessments?

WorkSavvy is tried and tested to improve success...

If you are a Social Work Agency, helping local authority clients meet their demanding workload schedules by providing resources, WorkSavvy is purpose-built to make the whole process smoother and easier to capture progress and keep contractors focused on delivery.

To date, WorkSavvy has been utilized to significantly improve Social Work project delivery performance across
1000's assessments including:
  • Cardiff City Council
  • Sunderland City Council
  • Herefordshire County Council

Did YOU know...

  • 20% of ALL Projects fail and using poor management & control processes will often mean a 41% Overrun on tasks & projects for the ones that do succeed
  • Poorly defined and communicated goals & objectives can lead to over 35% more money being spent on work & projects
  • Not having the right measures in place can lead to a 40% increase in overall budgets, irrespective of Time & Materials or Fixed-Price work
  • If you are utilizing Contractors for your Social Work projects, there is an increased need to distribute the tracking and reporting of

Here are some of the benefits your Agency will gain in using WorkSavvy for Social Work project delivery...

  • Significantly improved project co-ordination - one client achieved a 70% reduction in resource overheads required to manage their social work projects

  • Enhanced workload creation and distribution - all assessments and tasks can be defined in one place and shared with all contractors as needed, rapidly

  • More financial clarity - utilizing our in-built automated invoice process means you are able to 'self bill' contractors ONCE work is completed (this is the NUMBER 1 frustration of contractors)

  • Linked 'tasks' - meaning contractors are made aware automatically via their own portals when an assessment requires their attention and keeps them focussed on the tasks at hand, especially useful when Assessors and QA's are working together

  • Absolute confidence in project & task performance - with in-built task tracking and downloadable histories you can be 100% sure about the SLAs an assessment has gone through, knowing to the minute when a task was done

  • Capture scoring and ranking of each task and resource to provide greater insight on work and worker performance for future referencing

Don't just take our word for it!


WorkSavvy is so powerful, Contractors themselves are actively referring us to other agencies they work with!  Here are just a few of the comments we've received...

"Really excited about WorkSavvy - other projects I've worked on are absolute hell, all done on spreadsheets & emails, don't get paid on time, constantly need to chase work, and there is no way to track anything. I had to make my own spreadsheet to track my cases and receive no feedback at all once it has been authorized."

Emma - Social Work Contractor (Adult QA)

"WorkSavvy is easy to navigate; we can clearly see what we need to do and when which is very helpful seeing the comments from the QA are good too. This process is much better than a timesheet or being managed mainly through supervision as done on other projects."

Vannessa - Social Work Contractor (Adult Assessor)

"I really like how it (WorkSavvy) organizes my visits and enables me to track everything which is brilliant. I used to be a social worker for a local authority and we used Mosaic but that doesn't notify me of anything, I had to constantly check."

Theresa - Social Work Contractor (Adult Assessor)


Want to see for yourself the benefits and advantages gained from using WorkSavvy?

Contact us and discover how we can dramatically improve your agency projects for less than a cup of coffee... 

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Providing a clearer way to work.

We want to help businesses get more clarity and transparency across any distributed or outsourced work & tasks...

WorkSavvy is built to provide a central, simple system where documenting, sharing, and measuring the performance of tasks and work can be done easily and effectively.

Want to know more?

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