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WorkSavvy Client Case Study

Here at WorkSavvy, we love sharing our client's success. It helps bring to life how other businesses can recognize similar benefits and achieve real success themselves when using WorkSavvy.

Recently we'd been working with a global manufacturing company that needed to streamline projects across their business. Now, this might sound simple, but over the years, they’d noticed that when working with independent contractors, they lacked real accountability and often projects would overrun. Stakeholders weren't even fully aware of the progress being made, and worryingly there were gaps in their ongoing IR35 compliance. Unfortunately, these are all too common and we find a lot of businesses are struggling in these areas.

For our client, adopting WorkSavvy was a key part of their goal to better understand who's doing what and when. For their latest project, WorkSavvy helped engage contractors earlier in the process during the scoping stages which meant work was being more appropriately defined and agreed upon with stakeholders right from the start.

What this resulted in was activity commencing much faster than usual. Contractors were getting into the flow of work much quicker and they didn’t need to tweak project tasks once on the ground. Of real benefit was the consistent reporting on milestones and deliverables so that everyone had clear visibility of the objectives and timeframe. And finally, by implementing all of this, in certain cases even helped our client maintain a clear "outside of IR35" status.

The best part? These improved processes imparted via WorkSavvy mean our client can use them consistently again and again with confidence, making any future projects a breeze.

Ready to try WorkSavvy for yourself? Then contact one of our team today to get set up for your free trial!

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